Welcome to the Department of Music at the Sikkim University. We offer undergraduates the opportunity to specialize in music. We offer post-graduate programs in Indian Classical Vocal Music, Sitar, Bamboo Flute, Violin, and Tabla. These programs are aimed to produce leading scholars and commendable musicians. The Ph.D. programme offers an enjoyable research experience for the serious researchers. The department especially welcomes scholars with a questioning mind, analytical approach, and grit. 


A defining feature of the department is the high degree of interactions among faculty, graduates, undergraduates, and researchers. The department also puts in efforts to foster fruitful relationships with the wider community. We are located in a place called Tadong. This is near Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, on the foot of the great Himalayas. The area is full of ethnographic resources and offers an amazing ambiance perfect for any pursuit of creativity.  The whole presence creates an ideal setting for the community to engage in the rich array of intellectual and musical pursuits to which we are committed. We look forward to welcoming you!